MN PLASTIKA - 1996 D.O.O is established in 2012 as successor to independent craft shop which started working in1996 under name MN PLASTIKA.
Main actvity is production of plastic items.

Since its inception MN PLASTIKA - 1996 D.O.O is in constant climb and pursuit for improvement
Using the newest technolohy we get products that satisfy us and also motivate us to improve ourselves

OUR MISSION is to go out of our production is still a lot of beautiful and high-quality products and to remain a reliable partner to our existing customers and to try to gain the trust of many more new customers.

We have over 150 high quality product for a variety of applications in domestic and industrial applications.


Wring plate, cups, carafes and meny more things are an inavoidable and daily part of any kitchen......

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Flowerpot PEHAR , flowerpot with stand are a good option to beautify your garden balcony and terrace.....

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Pails with lid, vessels, universal boxes, dishes are daily and nessary part of avery household......

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